clear BRACES


Ceramic, or clear braces are tooth colored and can be more aesthetic

clear braces work the same way metal braces do

these braces are made from an invisible, translucent ceramic material

focus on your smile, not your braces!


orthodontic wires hold your braces together

some wires are flexible and others are stiff

our light wires are made of a material called nitinol, which was originally used by nasa!

we might change your wires throughout treatment


orthodontic rubber bands connect your top teeth to your bottom teeth

we use rubber bands to fix your bite

better rubber band wear can mean faster results!

it might be a good idea to take a picture of your rubber bands because your pattern may change!


clear, aesthetic braces may end up costing a little more than metal braces

the clear ties on ceramic braces have a tendency to stain with certain foods

these are an excellent alternative to removable aligners 

adding color ties can make your braces pop! 


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